Dec 13, 2020: Mazama Ski Tour @ Rainier National Park

With a great weather window and low-risk avalanche conditions, we checked out the Mazama area at Rainier National Park.

We made it up to Panorama Point (the first major climb before ascending to Camp Muir), but the conditions were rocky with low snow coverage. Worried about a terrible ski descent, we sat at the viewpoint to reassess our plans. Within 10 minutes, the crowds showed up.

NOPE. Too many people.

I strapped my skis to my backpack and hiked down Pan Point. Andrew attempted to ride down…. on a few inches inches of snow covering a field of loose rocks. Oopsies!

Andrew, R U stuck?

We took a run near the Van Trump monument. We noted that a slide had released earlier that day, so we cut in with caution. Andrew went first and released a bit more before he descended.

Fun runs!
Admiring the skiable terrain all around

Total Elapsed Time: 5:28

Total Distance: 7 Miles

Total Gain: 3,400 feet

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