December 2020: Castle Saddle

We decided to try a tour in the Tatoosh Range, an area that we frequent in the summer and fall. The traditional ski tour up to Castle starts at the Narada Falls Parking lot- approximately 6 miles past the gate at Longmire.

From there, we briefly traveled the closed Steven’s Canyon road to the Pinnacle Peak summer trail head. A 1000-foot climb through the forest brought us to a meadow below Castle Peak. Northern views towards Rainier below.

A little steeper 1000-foot climb above the tree line took us closer to the Castle Saddle. Whoever set the skin track before us is awesome.

It was a perfect day in the mountains!


With sundown at 4:19pm, we wrapped up our laps at 2:30pm. The skin back to the car would take about an hour, and we still had to put chains on the 4Runner for the drive down Paradise Road.

The ride back through the snowshoe track was silly…

Castle Saddle Totals

Total Elapsed Time: 5:10

We hope you could find bits of peace and happiness during this very different holiday season. Goodbye, 2020 👋 Let’s never do that again.

Love, Angie and Andrew

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