April 17, 2021: Mount Saint Helens

The Worm Flows 🐛 🪱 winter climbing route is one of our favorite spring ski trips! Added bonus, saying “WORM FLOWS” in a slow, low voice while squiggling your fingers is always funny. Well, maybe only funny to us. Anyway. This is our 5th time climbing MSH.

I don’t have a lot of details to tell you- skinning up MSH is long, but it isn’t technically difficult. We made it up in about 4 hours.


The ski down was fun. It is ALWAYS SO, SO FUN. 😃 🎉 4 hours up, 45 minutes down 😆

To sum it all up 💫


On the way home, we stopped at Daddy D’s BBQ in Woodland. Highly recommend! The owner is super cool and came out to tell us about the long process of making this amazing food! If you are in the area, just go. I mean, we are basically vegetarians at home, and we had no regrets (yes, even hours after!)


Mount Saint Helens Totals

Total Elapsed Time: 6 hours

Total Distance: 12 Miles

Total Gain: 5,700 feet

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