August 2-3, 2021: Tokaloo Rock

Andrew and I are exploring off-trail backcountry routes and dispersed camping at Rainier NP this summer- always providing solitude, alpine vistas, and up-close glacial views. Tokaloo Rock, located on the quieter west side of Rainier, has been on our list for more than a year, and there isn’t a lot of information about it onContinue reading “August 2-3, 2021: Tokaloo Rock”

May 29: Skiing Inter Glacier and Steamboat Prow

Steamboat Prow is a feature on Rainier that looks like a steamboat from far way. 🚣‍♀️ Inter Glacier is the approach to climb Rainier via Emmons Glacier. Being my first time alone, I had low expectations, ready to turn around after a couple miles if I wasn’t feeling it. The small White River lot wasContinue reading “May 29: Skiing Inter Glacier and Steamboat Prow”

May 8-9, 2021: Biking and Hiking Ipsut at Rainer NP

We decided check out Ipsut campground from Carbon River road. Ipsut used to be a drive-up campsite before the road washed out due to flooding. Full of spacious campsites with tables, bike lockers, food lockers, and bathrooms, we love Ipsut and often camp there while on the Wonderland Trail. Saturday at noon, the ride startedContinue reading “May 8-9, 2021: Biking and Hiking Ipsut at Rainer NP”

April 17, 2021: Mount Saint Helens

The Worm Flows 🐛 🪱 winter climbing route is one of our favorite spring ski trips! Added bonus, saying “WORM FLOWS” in a slow, low voice while squiggling your fingers is always funny. Well, maybe only funny to us. Anyway. This is our 5th time climbing MSH. I don’t have a lot of details toContinue reading “April 17, 2021: Mount Saint Helens”

Dec 13, 2020: Mazama Ski Tour @ Rainier National Park

With a great weather window and low-risk avalanche conditions, we checked out the Mazama area at Rainier National Park. We made it up to Panorama Point (the first major climb before ascending to Camp Muir), but the conditions were rocky with low snow coverage. Worried about a terrible ski descent, we sat at the viewpointContinue reading “Dec 13, 2020: Mazama Ski Tour @ Rainier National Park”