September 20: Coldwater Peak and Mount Margaret at Mount Saint Helens

The west coast has been blanketed in smoke for over two weeks. We are thankful for a standing home and a healthy family, but unable to leave the house, the stifling smoke dampened our spirits. To keep up with the ever-changing air quality, we check the WA Smoke Blog and the Washington Air Quality AdvisoryContinue reading “September 20: Coldwater Peak and Mount Margaret at Mount Saint Helens”

Sept 5: Running Emerald Ridge, Rainier West Side

Running the west side of Rainier has been on my bucketlist! While Andrew adjudicated BYSO auditions at home, I decided to do an out-and-back to Emerald Ridge. My 4:30 wake-up call got me to the park with no crowds. I started running at 7:45am from Longmire. The run was misty, foggy, and very humid. TheContinue reading “Sept 5: Running Emerald Ridge, Rainier West Side”

August 13 & 14: Mount Baker

Every week since Shuksan, we’ve uttered “Should we do Baker?” Well, now is the time. Being this late in the season, we decided do the gentle Easton Glacier route. The Railroad Grade hike is well manicured, pretty, and enjoyable. We got to high camp after 2.5 hours of hiking, and set up camp with lowContinue reading “August 13 & 14: Mount Baker”

July 28-29, 2020: Mount Daniel

At 6pm, we discussed turning around due to the bad bugs. But knowing we wouldn’t get back to the car until 8pm, we continued. Looking at our original route through a thick wooded gully (mosquito land) to the Lynch glacier, we decided to take a more direct route and find a campsite away from standingContinue reading “July 28-29, 2020: Mount Daniel”

Rainier NE Infinity Loop: June 22-29, 2020

Our unique early-season Rainier backpack itinerary did not disappoint! 8 days, 92.6 miles and 24,705 feet of elevation gain. The original plan: Eastside Loop, Northern Loop, and Mother Mountain Loop. However, we had to change the plan half way through the trip. Day 1: Grove of the Patriarchs TH to Indian Bar 9.5 miles, 4,423’Continue reading “Rainier NE Infinity Loop: June 22-29, 2020”

Rainier Homecoming: Interglacier, May 24, 2020

We arrived at the completely empty White River Campground after about 50 minutes of riding (~ 6 miles, > 800′ gain). We picked a site near the river, unloaded the bikes, and set up camp. Then, we started our Day 1 activity: cycling up to Sunrise. Along the way, saw a couple of bear cubsContinue reading “Rainier Homecoming: Interglacier, May 24, 2020”